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Reveal Album

On ​Reveal,​ Sascha Bachman, aka ​HAND​, has created a unique balance of classic ambient music, sounds and musical figures that touch the edge of melody and harmony, and a just-above-subliminal pulse. These elements come together in a sound world that is in turn comforting and haunting. ​Reveal’s​ surface may be gentle, but the music reaches deep, starting with the stratospheric heights of “God Only Knows,” to the galactic distances of “Into the Void,” and concluding with “Poem for Tanja,” a nostalgic poem for magnetic tape.

Released June 13, 2019

Recorded at Pionierpalast Berlin
Written, produced & mixed by Sascha Bachmann
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio
Artwork by John Whitlock

  • “Choral sounds, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Dark Synth and even the barest of hints of old school Industrial make their way into the sonic fabric that is HAND.”
    – Drifting Almost Falling

Reveal is a audio visual colaboration between Adrian Cousins and HAND.