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Music for walkman

Music for Walkman

The initial idea came with the exploration of various ambient concepts. By researching this subject you get to Brian Eno’s masterwork “Music for Airports” in a minute.

“Music for Walkman” borrowed the idea of having multiple loops with different sounds and various loop lengths running. In my case I wanted to try to catch a more LO-FI vibe and I was hoping some loops would disintegrate while they‘re playing. What’s so fascinating about this, is the permutation of each loop inside the respective pieces. You might tend to say there is no progress in the music but there is. Listen closely!

In the beginning of this video series I was using random sound sources and it worked well. But after a while I wanted to get control about the pieces and I programmed them on my computer. The typical scenario would be: create a multi track recording, create texture/ sound/ rhythms which fit to each other, create a lot of prepared cassette loops in different lengths, record them to tape, play them back/ add EFX and record the whole piece.

Needless to say the final results were nevertheless different from the programmed ones.

Recorded during 2020—2021
2021 Cyland Media Lab

Released July 24, 2021