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HAND is a solo project by Sascha Bachmann. He is a musician from Berlin who loves creating experimental sounds and dance beats.

When Bachmann was a kid in the 80’s, he found his father’s Tesla tape machine in the basement. He started listening to music with his friends and became passionate about it. The foundational stone was laid. It is in part because of these early experiences that he has been working in his own analog recording studio for the last 10 years.

As a drummer he is continuously collaborating with different bands and projects such as Sirius Mo, Jan Driver etc., always trying to explore his own vision and ideas about music. Inspired by all kinds of art, he finally starts creating the concept for his first solo album.

Bachmann sees himself as a progressive musician who is constantly looking for new challenges.

On Reveal, Sascha Bachman, aka HAND, has created a unique balance of classic ambient music, sounds and musical figures that touch the edge of melody and harmony, and a just-above-subliminal pulse. These elements come together in a sound world that is in turn comforting and haunting. Reveal’s surface may be gentle, but the music reaches deep, starting with the stratospheric heights of “God Only Knows,” to the galactic distances of “Into the Void,” and concluding with “Poem for Tanja,” a nostalgic poem for magnetic tape.

Bachmann’s bio harkens back to the ‘80s, when he spent time listening on his father’s Tesla tape recorder. The analog medium is fundamental to his music making—in performance he uses a tape machine and plays Super 8 movies. About his unique approach to rhythm in electronic music, he explains: “I have a professional drummer background and for a long time I was only concentrated on my career as a sideman. But growing up in Berlin and not also getting into electronic/ambient music is simply not possible. So this kind of music was always in my mind.

HAND’s combination of enveloping soundscape and pulse reaches into the listener’s body. The style came to Bachman as a question: “What is the first sound we ever heard? What do we listen to in our mother’s belly during pregnancy? In my imagination we heard a big pulse from the heartbeat surrounded by a droned sound from the outer world. I like this picture in my head. It is a perfect concept for ambient music, because I want to make the listener calm, and the sound like in a mother’s belly works on various levels to comfort and calm”.